Saturday, September 25, 2010

Genuine Guide help Daoxiang frog rapid expansion!

Breeding base in Hainan has a "Daoxiang frog" brand in Shanghai, Tao Heung frog is the State Forestry Administration, Business Administration authorized use of the National Wildlife Management and Utilization Management dedicated pilot production of the products identified in the National Wildlife Department support, after years of developing the most suitable products for consumption in the frog. Through the use of modern biotechnology, on the artificial breeding of the tiger frog (frog) in crossbreeding to create a simulated wild environment eco-farming technology system to ensure that in the flesh, taste the wild side can replace the frog, the state in order to protect wild frogs and frog support the promotion of culture. In Shanghai after the product has a core based on the G6 Information Guide with genuine process to create, set up their own copy of the management model can be quickly replicated, a short time has opened up five stores in Shanghai, on the beach set off a "Daoxiang frog" boom;

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